Application List

  • 2015_10_15
    Various Applications of Copper Mesh

    Copper wire mesh is widely used, for example Faraday cage, chimney cap screen, building exterior facade, decoration and creating artworks.

  • 2013_11_08
    Rodent Exclusion

    Rodent exclusion can be effectively resolved by stuffing copper wire mesh into holes and cracks which connect outside and inside of the house.

  • 2013_11_08
    Garden Pest Control

    Copper wire mesh is often used to control garden pests such as snails and slugs. The copper mesh has lightweight and will not break the plants.

Hot Products

Knitted Copper Mesh

Knitted copper wire mesh has a similar stocking structure. It is suitable for stuf-fit applications, decorative usages for crafts and glassworks.

Woven Copper Mesh

Woven copper mesh is a plain weave copper cloth. Widely used in faraday cage, insect screen, RFI shielding and fireplace screens.

Expanded Copper Mesh

Expanded copper mesh is wildly used in no-skid stairs, constructions, architectural applications, protective guards, and chimney caps.

Crimped Copper Wire Mesh

Crimped copper wire mesh is fabricated by pre-crimped wires. Plain weave, intermediate crimped and lock crimped are three main constructions supplied.

Coarse Copper Mesh

Coarse copper mesh with openings from 0.937 inch to 0.053inch is often used to fabricate RFI shielding, faraday cage and decorative mesh

Perfect wire mesh for artworks!

I am an artist working in 3d stain glass and copper foil technique. And I am interested in coordinating some copper mesh into my projects. It must be easily shaped and looks beautiful with special charm. For this purpose, I bought the knitted copper mesh with different sizes. This mesh fits perfectly for artworks. Great price too!

Exactly what I needed!

I would like to use copper mesh for decorative architectural purposes. According to the website, the woven, coarse, medium and fine copper mesh are all suitable. The mesh needs to be robust and hard wearing as it is for an outside application. I ordered several type of meshes. They really give an amazing decorative element.

Heat resistant mesh for fireplace screen.

Need a type of copper mesh to build my own simple fireplace screen for my outdoor fireplace. For that I need a high temperature resistant wire mesh. So, we use their copper fireplace screen with high enough melting point for a hot fire. It works well!

Good mesh for Faraday cage!

Looking to build a large Faraday cage to test satellite equipment, I choose the copper wire mesh with 0.05mm wire diameter and 200 mesh count with the guidance of experts. What's more, it has a reasonable price and good features. This is what our consumers need!

Great copper wire mesh!

I am always looking for something that is lightweight, easily shaped and that looks effective from a distance. I want to design a designer hat and will be shaped into a brim shape. The expert recommend me the copper mesh with 0.11mm wire diameter and 100 mesh count. It is good with elegant appearance.

Excellent Recommendation!

I am a teacher and look for a variety of copper wire meshes in order to perform some experiments. With the direction of sales expert, I bought seven different types of wire meshes. It works well. Exactly what I needed!