Application List

  • 2013_11_08
    Rodent Exclusion

    Rodent exclusion can be effectively resolved by stuffing copper wire mesh into holes and cracks which connect outside and inside of the house.

  • 2013_11_08
    Garden Pest Control

    Copper wire mesh is often used to control garden pests such as snails and slugs. The copper mesh has lightweight and will not break the plants.

Hot Products

Knitted Copper Mesh

Knitted copper wire mesh has a similar stocking structure. It is suitable for stuf-fit applications, decorative usages for crafts and glassworks.

Woven Copper Mesh

Woven copper mesh is a plain weave copper cloth. Widely used in faraday cage, insect screen, RFI shielding and fireplace screens.

Expanded Copper Mesh

Expanded copper mesh is wildly used in no-skid stairs, constructions, architectural applications, protective guards, and chimney caps.

Crimped Copper Wire Mesh

Crimped copper wire mesh is fabricated by pre-crimped wires. Plain weave, intermediate crimped and lock crimped are three main constructions supplied.

Coarse Copper Mesh

Coarse copper mesh with openings from 0.937 inch to 0.053inch is often used to fabricate RFI shielding, faraday cage and decorative mesh