A roll of fine copper mesh on the test-bed, with even and beautiful structure.


Fine copper mesh with openings from 0.013 inch to 0.0050 inch (0.127mm to 0.33mm) has many applications such as screen, sieve, faraday cage and artworks.

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Standard roll dimension is 1m - 1.22m width × 30m length, and customerized mesh piece size is available.


Standard roll dimension is 1m - 1.22m width × 30m length, and customerized mesh piece size is available.

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A detailed looking of the standard expanded copper mesh.


Standard panel size is 1 m × 2 m or 1.22 m × 2.44 m, customized opening size is available.

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Qualified brass woven wire mesh is also available, from crimped brass mesh to fine brass mesh, meet all your requests.


Qualified brass woven wire mesh is also available, from crimped brass mesh to fine brass mesh, meet all your requests.

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There are several rolls of coarse copper mesh gathering together, the structure is even and surface is bright.


Medium copper mesh with mesh openings from 0.069 inch to 0.012 inch is often used in RFI shielding, Faraday cage, decorative wire mesh.

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A small roll of coarse copper mesh with thicker wire diameter than fine copper mesh.


Woven copper mesh is a plain weave copper cloth. Widely used in faraday cage, insect screen, RFI shielding and fireplace screens.

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Boegger copper mesh gives you and your customer considerable service

Boegger Industech Limited is a professional manufacturer in producing copper wire mesh. Since its foundation in 2000, our company has been playing an important part in wire mesh field. To improve the satisfaction from you or your customers, we have been focusing on developing new products.

Woven mesh, knitted copper mesh and expanded copper wire mesh are our main products.

Three kinds of copper meshes, they are woven copper mesh, knitted copper and expanded copper mesh.

They are different in structures and applications. According to mesh openings, Copper woven mesh can be divided into three types - coarse, medium and fine. 1 to 10 mesh openings per inch is coarse mesh, 12 to 40 apertures per inch belongs to medium type and 50 to 100 openings per inch is fine mesh. It has a wide applications including RFI shielding, Faraday cage, screen, artworks and DIY.

Knitted copper mesh is often used as stuf-fit mesh to exclude rodents and birds. It is very soft and easy to be cut by scissors and knives. It is often used in garden to stop pests including snails and slugs.

What is the application of copper mesh?

Faraday cage, RFI shielding;
Rodent and bird exclusion, garden pest stopper;
Decorative mesh;
Fireplace screen;
Filter and sieve.

Is it really effective to protect my garden?

If your plants in your garden are often attacked by snails and slugs, the answer will be ABSOLUTELY. It is proven that snails and slugs hate copper mesh and don't like to touch it. So copper wire mesh has been widely used to protect your fruits, seedlings and others.

I heard that stuf-fit copper mesh does great job in rodent exclusion. Is it true?

Yeah, it is true. Rodents can bring a lot of trouble to your house, especially infectious diseases. Rodents can enter into your house through a 1cm wide hole or crack and then dwell in your room. Copper mesh can be stuffed the holes firmly and will the mouths when the animals try to chew up. After done this, the rodents like house mice can't come in again.

Can you make customized mesh for special application?
The answer is YES. Our skilled employees have been in this field for than 10 years. They are very capable to manufacture bespoke wire meshes according to your special requirements.

Can I get a sample before placing orders?
Of course! We are glad to provide samples to you or your customer. You will find that our products are genuine at fair prices.

What should I do if I have problem in using the copper mesh?
You can directly ask help from 24/7 our online service or email or call us for any questions. You see, copper wire mesh has wide applications. It is normal that you are confused about how to use it properly. Our professional sales will help you resolve all your troubles.





Excellent Recommendation!

I am a teacher and look for a variety of copper wire meshes in order to perform some experiments. With the direction of sales expert, I bought seven different types of wire meshes. It works well. Exactly what I needed!

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Great copper wire mesh!

I am always looking for something that is lightweight, easily shaped and that looks effective from a distance. I want to design a designer hat and will be shaped into a brim shape. The expert recommend me the copper mesh with 0.11mm wire diameter and 100 mesh count. It is good with elegant appearance.

review name


Good mesh for Faraday cage!

Looking to build a large Faraday cage to test satellite equipment, I choose the copper wire mesh with 0.05mm wire diameter and 200 mesh count with the guidance of experts. What's more, it has a reasonable price and good features. This is what our consumers need!

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Heat resistant mesh for fireplace screen.

Need a type of copper mesh to build my own simple fireplace screen for my outdoor fireplace. For that I need a high temperature resistant wire mesh. So, we use their copper fireplace screen with high enough melting point for a hot fire. It works well!

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Exactly what I needed!

I would like to use copper mesh for decorative architectural purposes. According to the website, the woven, coarse, medium and fine copper mesh are all suitable. The mesh needs to be robust and hard wearing as it is for an outside application. I ordered several type of meshes. They really give an amazing decorative element.

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Perfect wire mesh for artworks!

I am an artist working in 3d stain glass and copper foil technique. And I am interested in coordinating some copper mesh into my projects. It must be easily shaped and looks beautiful with special charm. For this purpose, I bought the knitted copper mesh with different sizes. This mesh fits perfectly for artworks. Great price too!

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