Copper Mesh with Various Applications

  1. We can offer you the special mesh with small holes and thin wire, which is better to perform experiments, no matter in laboratory or in outdoors. Various types of copper mesh with hole and wire in micro-scale size.
  2. The metal copper mesh with special physical propertied, it can be used for an MRI room to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Copper metal mesh with corrosion resistant and rust resistant, the coarse copper mesh
  4. can be used to cap your home's open copper gutters to prevent leaves from getting in during the fall effectively. Besides, it can offer you an amazing decorative elements. We ensure the edges are secure and the mesh won't unravel in shipping or during installation.
  5. With high abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant, fine copper wire mesh with different specifications can be used for filtration. It can efficiently filter your unwanted particles to ensure the purity of liquid or solid.
  6. The copper metal mesh panel also can be widely applied for decorative architectural purposes, for example building exterior facade, a decorative screen divider or in your balcony.
  7. The mesh can naturally lay flat and can be cut into many shapes by scissors. Various types of copper mesh fit for creating artworks. In addition to, it is with rare red-orange metallic, which can provide a special visual effect.
  8. It is durable enough to be used as chimney cap screen.
  9. We are trying to use perforated copper metal panel at main stair in a commercial project or other high grade buildings.
  10. Install the copper mesh into data cable ducts to prevent rodents from getting into the duct. It can ensure the safe of the duct.
  11. Be used in architectural glass applications.
A hand is holding a spot welded copper mesh roll, and there are more of them on the back.

Our copper mesh is made of 99.9% copper, and it has even and stable structure for various applications.

2 side-by-side copper mesh filters

Copper mesh filters

Measure the height of copper mesh filter with a straightedge to 9 cm

Copper mesh filter height measurement

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