Cable Shielding Mesh – Cable Wrapping for Shielding and Protecting

A roll of tinned copper cable shielding mesh on gray background.

Tinned copper shielding mesh has excellent conductivity and shielding performance.

Cable shielding mesh is an all-metal, tinned copper shielding mesh in knitted structure. Extremely fine tinned copper wires are knitted into a cylinder mesh providing excellent flexibility.

The interlocking structure is stable and easily elongates to be compatible with power cable insulation.

It is regard as a cost effective shielding solutions. It is wrapped around cables harness for EMI and ESD suppression.

Cable shielding mesh is available in various widths, thicknesses and lengths. You can choose as your request or tell us your application and then we will recommend it for you.

Material options

  • Tinned copper.
  • 100% copper.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Monel wires.
A roll of tinned copper shielding mesh on gray background.
Tinned copper shielding mesh
A roll of 100% copper shielding mesh on gray background.
100% copper shielding mesh
A roll of brass shielding mesh on gray background.
Brass shielding mesh
A roll of stainless steel shielding mesh on gray background.
Stainless steel shielding mesh

Width & length options

A drawing of cable shielding mesh with width, lengths and thickness.
Item Dimensions : mm(inch)
W Length t
BCSM-17 17.0 (0.670) 300 0.4
BCSM-25 25.0 (1.000) 200
BCSM-30 30.0 (1.180) 150
BCSM-35 35.0 (1.378) 100
BCSM-40 40.0 (1.574) 100
BCSM-55 55.0 (2.165) 50 0.8
BCSM-85 85.0 (3.346) 25
BCSM-95 95.0 (3.740) 25
BCSM-120 120.0 (4.724) 25
BCSM-150 150.0 (6.000) 25
BCSM-175 175.0 (7.000) 25
BCSM-230 230.0 (8.661) 25


  • Conductive wire mesh knitted into tubular form in a variety of sizes.
  • Excellent resistance to oil, flame and corrosion.
  • Temperature stable.
  • Flexible and lightweight structure is easily wrapped around cable harness.
  • Excellent EMI/ESD suppression.
  • Easy to terminate for grounding circuit connection at the end of cables.
  • Shielding performance can be increased by more overlap.


  • Cable shielding mesh can wrap around the cable harness to prevent data loss and reduce its impact on signals and lower electromagnetic radiation.
  • It is compatible with power cable insulation as well as all high-voltage splicing and terminating materials.
A plastic film is cut, we can see two electrical wire and tinned copper cable shielding mesh.
A roll of cable shielding mesh is wrapping on cables.

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