Knitted copper wire mesh your premium choice for outdoor applications

Knitted copper wire mesh has the same structure as stockings or sweaters. It can naturally lay flat and can be cut into many shapes by scissors. What is more, it gives an amazing and decorative element to fused glass work.

One distinct advantage of knitted mesh depends on its special interlocking loop which acts as a small spring. When subjective to tensile or compressive stresses, knitted wire mesh will not distort beyond its yield point. And the knitted mesh will resume its original shape when stress is moved. In addition, copper mesh will not be troubled by rust and corrosion problems. For this reason, copper wire mesh is often used in outdoor applications such as gardens and roofs.

Available in 20', 30', 60' and 100' lengths and 12", 18" and 24" heights.

There is a doll artwork made of soft copper mesh, there are wings behind the doll.
Copper meshes have various applications, and soft copper mesh can make artworks.
A roll of knitted copper wire mesh
Knitted copper mesh can be stuffed any small holes to keep rodents out.


  • Keeps slugs, snails and other small pests out from your house or garden.
  • Rodent exclusion.
  • Stuffing holes of houses, floors to keep unwanted animals away.
  • Crafts and glasswork.

Hot specifications ordered by customers:

  1. Copper knitted wire mesh
    Wire diameter: 0.012".
    Width: 1/2".
    Length: 500'.
  2. Knitted copper mesh
    Dimensions: 24" × 20'.
    Dimensions: 24" × 30'.
  3. Knitted copper mesh
    Wire diameter: 0.01".
    Width: 5.9".
    Length: 164'.

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