Copper scrubber makes your kitchen way cleaner

Copper scrubber is made from fine copper threads that create a soft feeling when you clean pots, pans and other cookware. It can gently remove heavy grime and dirt without leaving scratches on the surface. So our copper scourer is very popular in retail and wholesale hardware markets. As its outstanding cleaning capacity, restaurants, commercial kitchens, cleaning and janitorial businesses are our popular users and customers. This pot scrubber comes in 2 inch height, 3.5 inch width and 2.5 inch length.

Note: Not available for non-stick surfaces.

Apart from cleaning, this copper pot scrubber can also be used to stuff the holes to keep house mouse, rats and other unwanted small animals out of your house for it will not rust. For example, you can stuff copper scourer in soffits to keep the bees out.

100% pure copper scrubber with 3.5inch diameter

A 100% pure copper scrubber is widely used in kitchens and restaurants where requiring heavy cleaning of persistent dirt and grime without scratching the surface.

A man is cleaning a aluminum pan with copper pot scrubber

Copper pot scrubber is very effective to remove any kind of greasy dirt for its great friction between the scrubber and the pan yet leaving no scratch.


  • 100% pure copper, not copper plated.
  • Never rust and splinter.
  • Leaving no scratch marks.

Where can copper scrubber be used?

  • Copper pots, copper pans.
  • Aluminum cookware.
  • Oven racks and barbecue grills.
  • Glassware.
  • Other containers which require heavy duty cleaning.

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