Copper insect screen brings aesthetics to your property

From aesthetic standpoint, copper insect screen is a prior alternative for your houses, villas, hotels and commercial offices. Initially, copper screen shows special dark amber-red, then brilliant green after patinas. Its elegant appearance adds a special impression.

In fact, copper insect screen is the earliest popular window screen for its resistance to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. 100% pure copper wire mesh is very soft to be used as insect screen.

copper mesh used as insect screen

Copper insect screen with EPDM sealing

A roll of fine copper mesh

Fine copper mesh used as insect screen


  • Classical aesthetic.
  • Soft and easy to work with.
  • Never rust.
  • Durability.
Mesh Wire Diameter (inch)
18×18 0.011
18×18 0.009
18×16 0.011
18×14 0.11
18×14 0.09
16×16 0.011
16×16 0.009
A piece of copper insect screen with a metal coin on its surface.
Copper mesh used as insect screen brings classic aesthetic appeal.
A roll of copper insect screen is lying on the ground beside a metal coin.
Copper insect screen is soft and easy to work with.

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