Copper wire mesh makes fused glass even charming

Fused glass often cooperates with copper wire mesh which adds special texture and interesting illusion. The most frequently used is woven and expanded copper mesh for both have uniform openings.

Fused glass on copper mesh is a perfect combination of metal and glass.

Your benefits of choosing copper mesh for fused glass:

  • Easy to cut or shear into certain shapes.
  • Red metallic appearance.
  • Available in various mesh openings.
Orange fused glass and white candle holder with copper mesh inclusion

Expanded wire mesh is often used in fused glass artworks for its diamond and uniform mesh opening.

Red copper spiral on black fused glass pendant

Copper wire is often used in fused glass artworks or handmade products. The copper turns a beautiful shade of red from the heat of kiln. If you prefer black and red pendant, this one is a perfect option.

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