Products List

Knitted copper wire mesh has a similar stocking structure. It is suitable for stuf-fit applications, decorative usages for crafts and glassworks.

Woven copper mesh is a plain weave copper cloth. Widely used in faraday cage, insect screen, RFI shielding and fireplace screens.

Expanded copper mesh is wildly used in no-skid stairs, constructions, architectural applications, protective guards, and chimney caps.

Crimped copper wire mesh is fabricated by pre-crimped wires. Plain weave, intermediate crimped and lock crimped are three main constructions supplied.

Coarse copper mesh with openings from 0.937 inch to 0.053 inch is often used to fabricate RFI shielding, faraday cage and decorative mesh.

Medium copper mesh with mesh openings from 0.069 inch to 0.012 inch is often used in RFI shielding, Faraday cage, decorative wire mesh.

Fine copper mesh with openings from 0.013 inch to 0.0050 inch (0.127mm to 0.33mm) has many applications such as screen, sieve, faraday cage and artworks.

Faraday cage made of copper mesh with high conductivity can effectively shield its interior contents from being attacked by electricity.

Copper scrubber is a frequently-used pot scrubber in kitchens and restaurants. 100% pure copper scourer gently removes dirt without leaving surface marks.

Stuf-fit copper mesh can stuff all holes and cracks through which nuisance animals can go, including rodents, rats, insects, bugs, snails, bees and so on.

Copper insect screen is the first choice for decorating your houses. It is durable, elegant, soft and resistant to atmosphere corrosion.

Copper fireplace screen is your optimum choice if you need an elegant and warm live room.Copper fireplace screen adds warmth and impression to your room.

Copper mesh with fused glass adds special texture and depth. Woven and expanded wire meshes are often employed.

Copper wire mesh is frequently used in art works, DIY, crafts for its softness, corrosive resistance, and rare red-orange luster.