Stuf-Fit Copper mesh your best friend to fight against rodents

Stuf-fit copper mesh protects plants from snails biting

Copper wire mesh does great job in keeping pests and rodents away from plants and houses.

Stuf-Fit Copper mesh is a kind of knitted wire mesh. It is designed to stuff all kinds of openings to stop pests, bees, insects, rodents and other similar unwanted animals. Once tightly packed in a hole, crack or gap, the copper mesh refused to be pulled out.

This copper wool has special interlocked structure. You can tack it, staple it or glue it to any openings. Compared with steel wool, copper wool has two advantages. First, its knitted construction often catches rodents' teeth and makes it hard for them to chew through or remove. Second, copper mesh never rusts.


  • 100% copper, not copper alloy.
  • Never rust and will not leave rust stains on brick or wood.
  • Easy to cut by scissors.


  • Food processing industry.
  • Rodent proofing.
  • Pest stopper.
  • Insect, birds and bees blocker.

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