High Efficient and Environmental Protective Copper Alloy Mesh

Aquaculture is growing fast as one of the main animal-food producing sectors. And it is facing many serious problem, like corrosion, oxygen content reduction, fish disease and so on. With the strong support of International Copper Alliance, copper alloy mesh is more and more applied in aquaculture, providing productive and sustainable solutions for fish farmers. We can provide you copper alloy wire, mesh and panel in LC6911, LC6912, LC6909 and so on.

Chemical Composition
Alloy Cu Sn Al Zn
BD06 Copper 66.0 0.6 0.6 Rem.
Mechanical Properties
Alloy Wire Diameter Temper Hardness(HRB) T/S(N/mm2) E/L (%)
BD06 Copper 4.0 mm 1/8 H 54 440 22
A catalogue cover of copper alloy aquaculture mesh.


Several fishes in the BD06 chain link copper alloy aquaculture fish cage.

Data Shows Benefits

  • SGR: 15% increase
  • Predator attacks: down to < 0.1%
  • Labor hours/tonne: 79% reduction
  • On-site energy use: 15% reduction
  • Mortality: less than 4%
  • FCR: 15% improvement
  • Feed use: 10% reduction
  • Antibiotics: 31% reduction
Workers are installing the copper alloy mesh as fish cage in the water.
Copper alloy fish cage application scene
Many fish are in a copper mesh cage under the water.
Fish in copper alloy mesh cage.

Copper Alloy Mesh – BD06 – Anti-Fouling & 100% Recycled

A piece of BD06 chain link copper alloy fish net on gray background.

BD06 copper alloy mesh is specially designed for aquaculture applications.

The specially designed copper alloy wire has easy rolling and folding structure, which is flexible and convenient for transporting and assembly.

This copper alloy mesh for aquaculture has more than 7 YEARS long lifespan.

A drawing of BD06 copper alloy aquaculture mesh on white background.
Popular Sizes
Wire Diameter Mesh Opening (A)
2.0 mm 20 × 20 mm
2.5 mm 25 × 25 mm
3.0 mm 30 × 30 mm
3.5 mm 35 × 35 mm
4.0 mm 40 × 40 mm
4.5 mm 45 × 45 mm
Customized Length & Width

Copper Alloy Mesh – BD33 – Ideal for Inshore Aquaculture

A roll of hexagonal copper aquaculture mesh fish cage on white background.

BD33 copper alloy mesh is an alternative to BD06 copper alloy mesh. It has same chemical and physical properties with BD06.

Compared with BD06, the BD33 is not as strong as BD06, but it has lighter weight and lower material cost then BD06. So it is ideal for the inshore and land based cage farming for mild fish species.

Where is BD33 used for?

  • Light cage farming.
  • Silent inshore aquaculture.
  • Land based cage farming.
  • Mild fish species farming.
A drawing of hexagonal copper alloy fish cage.
Popular Sizes
Mesh Size (A) Wire Diameter Max. Width
12.7 mm (1/2") 0.51 mm (25#) 1.5 m (4.9')
15.9 mm (5/8") 0.62 mm (23#) 3 m (9.8')
25.4 mm (1") 0.91 mm (20#) 3 m (9.8')
25.4 mm (1") 0.81 mm (21#) 3 m (9.8')
30.5 mm (1.2") 1.01 mm (19#) 3 m (9.8')
30.5 mm (1.2") 0.91 mm (20#) 3 m (9.8')
Fish cages made of copper alloy have been applied to many places, fish livability increase and quality get better.

Wikipedia says:

"The use of copper alloy mesh in aquaculture helps promote a clean energy economy. From decreased CO2 emissions to decreased fish mortality, copper alloys promote "green" living and help fish farmers realize greater cost savings. Copper and its alloys are 100 percent recyclable, unlike other net materials. Copper-alloy nets are durable, so they last longer."

Why Choose Copper Alloy Aquaculture Mesh

Compared with traditional fish cage, copper alloy aquaculture mesh features no climate limitation and worldwide application.

They can defend predators, improve fish yields and will not harm to the fish health and water environments.

Extremely long service life and less maintenance costs make fully profits for customers.

A picture shows copper alloy aquaculture mesh can defend the waves and maintain cage volumes.

Defend Waves & Maintain Cage Volumes

Highly durable and stable structure help to defend waves and currents.

Stable structure can prevent fish crowding and improve yields.

A picture shows copper alloy offshore cage is long life and fully recycled.

Long Life & Fully Recyclable

Copper alloy aquaculture mesh supplies extended cage life for at least 10 years.

It can be recycled fully for the production of new placement.

A picture shows copper alloy offshore aquaculture net can defend the predators.

Prohibits Predation and Keeps Enclosure

The warning color can deter predators attacks.

Strong structure keep farmed fishes in and prevent escaping.

A picture shows copper alloy aquaculture cage is anti-microbial and anti-fouling.

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fouling

Slowly releasing copper ions with slight toxicity can inhibit algae growth to reducing the attachments on the net cage.

A picture shows the copper alloy aquaculture cage needs little maintenance.

Maintenance Free

Because of excellent anti-fouling performance, it need few inspections, repairs and cleaning during its long lifespan and it can save the overall costs.

A picture shows copper alloy aquaculture mesh is environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

It can substantially improve farming environments with less biofouling. Additional, it will not release harmful elements to environments and fish.

Comparison of Traditional Fish Cage & Copper Alloy Fish Cage

Boegger Industech Limited will help you to create the new era of efficient, healthy and environmental protective marine aquaculture.

Traditional polymer fish cage get clogged after a period of time.
There is no any fouling on the BD06 chain link copper alloy aquaculture mesh.
Traditional Copper Alloy

Serious Biofouling

Serious biofouling and organic matter blockage impede the water exchange, resulting a low oxygen content environment for the fish. And fishes are easy to get ill and infected under this condition.

Naturally Bacteriostatic - Healthy Fish Harvest

Copper alloy mesh naturally inhibit biofouling, preventing the mesh from organic matter clogging. This increases water flow and oxygen content and reduce fish disease and infection.

Not Recyclable & Short Replacing Period

Traditional polymer fish net would finally end up in local landfills because they are not recyclable. And the surrounding water quality got worse after long time using traditional mesh.
Lifespan of traditional fish net is very short especially when they are used in waving offshore aquaculture environments.

Recyclable & Long Service Time

Copper alloy fish cage is corrosion resistant and can be used for 5–10 years.
It loses little mass over time, and it is 100% recyclable. Retired copper alloy material will be used in the initial product of copper alloy mesh, which reduces CO2 emission. American Soybean Association did a research that the copper alloy material won't pollute surrounding water.

High Maintenance Cost

Divers need to clean and remove the traditional polymer mesh now and then, wasting too much labor, time and money.

Low Maintenance Cost

Copper alloy mesh would stay clean and don't need to be removed, which reduce the diver cost and risk, as well as the maintenance costs.

Weak in Predator Resistance

Traditional fish net is easy to be damaged by the outside predators, and fish can easily escape from the net. Farmers are vexatious because they need to protect their fish, but they cannot do harm to the predators.

High Strength to Defend Predators

High-strength copper alloy mesh can efficiently resist predators attack (like seals, sea lions and sharks) and fish escape. They even act well when extreme storm come.

Products Display

Measure the length of the copper alloy mesh with a straightedge
Measure the length of copper alloy mesh
4 rolls of rolled copper alloy mesh on a stainless steel stick
Copper alloy mesh in rolls
Finished copper alloy products processed and placed on the floor
Copper alloy finished product display
Wrap the copper alloy mesh with plastic foam and put it in a wooden box
Packed copper alloy mesh

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