Copper mesh excluding rodents out of your house

Have you been troubled by rodents which attack your house regularly? Maybe you have tried a lot of measures before using stuf-fit copper mesh. Although animal traps or repellents are used, the affect is not satisfying because house mice, rats and other unwanted small animals still can enter into your house. The basic and best solution of rodent exclusion is to stuff the holes in your house leaving no entrance into your property.

Copper knitted wire mesh is the exact product you need. It can be easily cut by scissors or knives. This knitted mesh is very soft and can't be pulled out once it is firmly stuffed in any small holes or cracks. Rat, mouse or other rodent will hurt himself when it chews up the mesh.

Copper knitted wire mesh is sold in rolls ranging from 20ft, 50ft and 100ft.

Knitted copper wire mesh can stuff the holes to prevent rodents coming in

100% copper wire mesh is very soft and often used to stuff holes and cracks in your house. This mesh is very effective to prevent animal entering into the room.

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