New Order of Copper Expanded Screen for Our Norway Customer

Recently we got an order from one of our customers in Norway. And they would use the expanded copper mesh for the floor of a high voltage test laboratory.

A detailed drawing of the expanded mesh for this flattened expanded metal mesh.

flattened expanded metal mesh drawings.

Specific specifications of the expanded mesh are as follows:

  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • LWO: 51 mm
  • SWO: 23 mm
  • Strand width: 2 mm
  • Panel dimension: 2 m × 5.5 m
  • Process: flattened
Several layers of expanded copper mesh in a wooden case.

A close view of the new order of copper expanded mesh.

A ruler is measuring the long way of opening of the expanded mesh.
Long way of opening size.
A ruler is measuring the short way of opening of the expanded mesh.
Short way of opening size.
A ruler is measuring the thickness of the expanded mesh.
Panel thickness after flatten.
Some desiccant bags are on the expanded mesh surface.

We would put some desiccant bags between the mesh and brown paper, so as to anti blushing.

Wooden case package of the copper expanded metal mesh.

The expanded mesh would wrapped by brown paper, then put into wooden case, finally put the case on steel pallet, so as to maintain the structure.

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