Advantages of Copper Alloy Aquaculture Mesh – Based on Economy & Environment

Copper alloy aquaculture mesh as a fence around the fish

Copper is an essential micro-nutrient that helps all forms of life achieve good health and development. Due to its natural metallographic and biological properties, copper alloy is the ideal material for both surface and submersible marine aquaculture enclosures for near-shore and offshore sites.

Compared to conventional mesh cages, copper alloy fish cages are weatherproof and widely used. They can defend against predators and improve fish production without harming fish health and the water environment. Extra long service life and very low maintenance costs bring full benefits to clients.

The following are relevant presentations on economic and environmental aspects.

Economical Benefits

  • Lower your maintenance costs
    • Less maintenance frequency and lower maintenance costs thanks to its excellent biofouling reduction effect.
    • Less specific cleaning of the mesh thanks to direct cleaning in the water.
    • Lower replacement costs thanks to its much longer service life.
  • Large fish output
    • More fish in the same size cage thanks to its good volume maintenance.
    • Higher quality fish thanks to good prevention of disease and pests.
    • Obtain larger fish thanks to neat mesh, smooth water flow and improved oxygen levels.
    • Less disease and lower mortality thanks to reduced biofouling.
    • No chance of fish injury or escape thanks to its high mechanical stability.
  • Wide range of application
    • High-Value fish
    • Large or small fish
    • Freshwater fish aquaculture
    • Marine fish aquaculture

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce damage to local species from escaping aquaculture fishes.
  • No extra anti-fouling coating on the mesh cage to reduce water pollution.
  • Less maintenance reduces energy & exhaust emissions caused by motor boats.
  • Slowly released copper ion has no pollution to the fishing areas.
  • Improved aquaculture conditions through increasing water flow & oxygen level.
  • 100% recycled after more than 10 years of lifespan.
  • In avoid of incineration and reduce CO2 release.

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