Economical Benefit Between Copper Alloy Cage and Traditional Cage

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This is a economic benefit ratio between copper alloy cage and traditional cage. You can get the most comprehensive information about the copper alloy cage aquaculture.

The fishery and aquaculture industry are still important sources of food, nutrition, income and livelihood for hundreds of millions of people around the world. The world's per capita supply of aquatic products reached a record high of 20 kilograms in 2014 due to the rapid growth of aquaculture and the improvement of fisheries management. The aquaculture products have accounted for half of the total amount of aquatic products consumed by humans.

So far, the traditional cage is the most common aquaculture cage on the market. With the general use and rapid development of the traditional cage, the problem appeared gradually. Owing to its poor ability to resist wind and waves. the traditional cage needs to be set in the inner bays or bay areas which have good weather conditions and small waves. Meanwhile, due to poor water exchange and long-term high density aquaculture, the water quality in aquaculture areas has deteriorated. Therefore, in order to change the situation, we have brought in advanced technology of aquaculture and pushed out a new product: copper alloy cage.

By contrast, copper alloy cage provides a cleaner and healthier water environment for fish growth and reproduction, thanks to their natural antibacterial function in the marine environment. It can prevent marine fouling organisms from attaching. In addition, the strong structure and corrosion resistance of copper alloy meshes in the marine environment make the cage have good volume retention rate and long service life. The copper alloy cage soon received widespread attention. From aquaculture facility to environment regulating technology, the copper alloy show its great value. It is the best choice for efficient aquaculture.

Next, we will compare the economic benefits of traditional deep water cage and copper alloy cage through a case.


  • Zhejiang Tachen Aquaculture Co., Ltd.
  • Product Type: copper alloy net cage
  • Cage Structure: circular HDPE frame with 40 cm perimeter
  • Farmed fish: large yellow croaker
Systematic Cost Analysis Comparison Between Traditional Deep Water Cage and Copper Alloy Cage
Item Traditional Deep Water Cage Copper Alloy Deep Water Cage Note
Cage Aquaculture Costs Net System Prices ¥ 40,000 ¥ 160,000 Cage Aquaculture Costs = Fees of Reduction of Net + Systems Prices Except Net System + Fry Costs + Feeding Costs + Drug Costs and Other Costs + Mariculturist Salaries + Routine Maintenance Costs
Systems Prices Except Net System ¥ 110,000 ¥ 110,000
Cage System Prices ¥ 150,000 ¥ 270,000
Net System Life 3 years 8 years
Fees of Reduction of Net ¥ 13,300 ¥ 20,000
Systems Working Life Except Net System 10 years 10 years
Fees of Reduction of Systems Except Net System ¥ 11,000 ¥ 11,000
Fry Prices ¥ 6 ¥ 6
Densities 10,000 (per cage) 11,000 (per cage)
Fry Costs ¥ 60,000 ¥ 66,000
Total Feedings 34.29 tons 41.15 tons
Bait Prices ¥ 1 per kg ¥ 1 per kg
Bait Costs ¥ 34,300 ¥ 41,200
Drug Cost and Other Costs ¥ 5,000 ¥ 5,500
Mariculturist Salaries ¥ 24,000 ¥ 24,000
Routine Maintenance Costs ¥ 33,300 ¥ 33,700
Recovery Prices of Used Nets ¥ 00,000 ¥ 20,000
Cage Aquaculture Costs ¥ 180,900 ¥ 181,400
Sales Revenues Densities ¥ 10,000 (per cage) ¥ 11,000 (per cage) Sales Revenues=Densities x Large Yellow Croaker Survival Rate x Finished Fish Average Weight x Large Yellow Croaker Market Prices
Large Yellow Croaker Survival Rate 85% 86%
Large Yellow Croaker Survival Numbers 8500 9460
Finished Fish Average Weight 0.500 kg 0.525 kg
Large Yellow Croaker Market Prices ¥ 65 per kg ¥ 65 per kg
Sales Revenues ¥ 276,300 ¥ 322,800
Profits Profits ¥ 95,400 ¥ 141,400 Profits=Sales Revenues - Cage Aquaculture Costs
Aquaculture Profits Analysis Profit Ratio of Investment 53% 78% Profit Ratio of Investment = Profits by Cage Aquaculture Costs x 100%

As you can see from the table, aquaculture cost of copper alloy cage is 0.28% higher than the traditional deep-sea cage system. Because the pollution control effect and the water utilization of copper alloy cage are better than traditional deep water cage, therefore, aquaculture density of copper alloy cage can be increased by 10% compared with traditional deep water cage. The aquaculture profits of copper alloy cage can be increased by 47.2% compared with traditional deep water cage. In addition, the fish morbidity and labor intensity of copper alloy are lower than traditional deep water cage in the cage aquaculture process. Meanwhile, the copper alloy of the net system can be recycled at the high price after being cleaned (The recycling income of the old copper net after the use of the copper alloy cage much higher than the RMB 20,000 calculated in the table). However, the traditional cage is the opposite. In conclusion, the copper alloy cage system has better production and profit than the traditional deep water cage system. The profit of the copper alloy cage aquaculture is better than the traditional cage aquaculture. It is easy to see that the copper alloy cage is the best choice for efficient aquaculture.

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